I’m an independent consultant specialising in fair and participative decision-making processes.

I’ve worked on this from a variety of angles during my 12 years in the UK (2008-2020), first as an employee of Dialogue by Design (now Traverse), then as an independent consultant and a part-time staff member of the political platform Compass.

As of 2020 I have relocated to the Netherlands where I continue to work on innovative democratic processes and decision-making through dialogue, including as a member of the G1000.nu team specialising in citizens’ assemblies. On behalf of G1000.nu, I am involved in the Global Assembly project, the first endeavour to bring together a worldwide citizens’ assembly.

I’m always happy to discuss opportunities to work together with people and organisations outside the Netherlands. Get in touch.

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the leaders in the field of online consultation, public dialogue, citizens’ assemblies and democratic innovation, working together on complex, high-profile projects.

These include public dialogues on emerging science and technology, where policy decisions need to take account of opportunity, uncertainty and the potential of controversy. One example is the 2013 Sciencewise-ERC dialogue on mitochondrial replacement therapy.

I had a leading role on several major online consultation exercises, where (tens of) thousands of people participated and wanted to be reassured that their views were heard. These include consultations about the proposed HS2 high-speed rail link and about the funding of the BBC.

With Involve I regularly help facilitate citizens’ assemblies in the UK. I’ve been involved in nationwide assemblies on Brexit and social care, and a local citizens’ assembly on air quality. In 2020-2021, I was part of the facilitation team for the Scottish Climate Assembly, and shortly after I fulfilled a similar role on Jersey’s Climate Conversation. Currently I’m one of the facilitators for the Citizens’ Assembly on Democracy in the UK.

At Compass I was part of a drive to bring together cross-party, cross-sector alliances for innovative democratic initiatives such as a parliament-sponsored citizens’ assembly to break the Brexit deadlock and a citizens’ convention to reshape UK democracy – constantly keeping participative democracy on the radar of MPs and media.

In my early career I was a researcher and project manager at Intraval in the Netherlands and an editor of the Europe-themed magazine Perron E. My degree is in urban planning at the University of Groningen.