Candidate for the London Green list for the EP elections 2019

Hello! I’m Remco van der Stoep and I am standing to be a London Green Party candidate in the 2019 European Parliament elections*.

If you are a member of the Green Party and you live in London, you can vote for me and make sure that a dedicated European is among the top Green candidates.

In me you have a candidate who:

  • Has been involved with European politics and campaigning for 15 years
  • Has been an active member of the Greens in London since 2008
  • Coordinated the 2016 Greens for a Better Europe campaign for the London region
  • Participated in and campaigned with the European Green Party for more than a decade
  • Chaired the national Europe Working Group of the Dutch Greens before moving to London
  • Campaigned against Brexit and for a People’s Vote
  • Is connected with Green politicians and activists across Europe
  • Has been working for a progressive political organisation for the past two years
  • Is an active member of cross-party organisations such as Another Europe is Possible
  • Has lived and worked in four EU countries and speaks four languages.

Want to find out more? Do get in touch via remco[at] or connect on Twitter: @RemcoStoep.

Please give me your #1 or #2 vote – those are the places on the list that matter. This spring, Londoners will reward the Green Party for its principled campaigning for a better EU and for the beautiful thing that is freedom of movement. It’s only right that the top Green candidates are truly committed Europeans.

On Monday 25 March, I spoke about Green politics, Brexit, and being a candidate on Dutch national radio. A link is here – please note the interview is in Dutch.

What other people say about me:

I got to know Remco as a passionate European citizen when he was the chair of the working group on Europe of GroenLinks, the Dutch green party. Since moving to the UK and becoming an active member of the GPEW, he has been sharing his insight into British politics with us, as well as his frustrations about Brexit at a time when we Europeans have so many common challenges to face. With his energy, experience and transnational links, Remco would be a good choice for those who want to reconnect the UK to Europe.

– Richard Wouters, staff member of Bureau de Helling, think tank of the Dutch green party

As part of the Ecolo (Greens in French-speaking Belgium) delegation to the European Green Party for many years, I had the opportunity to meet and work with Remco van der Stoep. We were together in the Individual supporship network and also, since Ecolo collaborated closely with Groenlinks, I also worked on amendments to various motions and texts submitted to the EGP. Remco masters the issues, is reliable and a great person to work with. I recommend him as a candidate in the European election.

– Marianne Saenen, Deputy in the Walloon Parliament 2009-2014, presently Co-Chair Ecolo Brabant Wallon and local councilor.

I have known Remco as a dedicated European citizen, who successfully led a very diverse group of people to reach a common goal: to strengthen the Green voice in Europe.

– Jasper Blom, former director of the think tank of GroenLinks (the Dutch Green party) and prospective resident of Sheffield

I’ve known Remco for about 10 years or more, during EGP meetings. He is always a good chat. What I admire most is how he commits himself with his ideals and how enthusiastic he becomes when defending them.

– Victor Cavaco, Os Verdes (Portugal)

Remco was a much appreciated Chair of the Dutch European Work Group at GroenLinks and attended many councils of the EGP when he had moved to the UK. Always enthusiastic, in good spirit and never gives up when it comes to remain in the European Union. We wish him and all the Greens in the UK good luck in these days of uncertainty.

Hilda Passchier, assistant EGP-delegation GroenLinks

(*) The UK will hold elections for the European Parliament this year unless (1) the UK parliament ratifies the Withdrawal Agreement before the 12th of April or (2) the UK parliament fails to avert a disorderly ‘no deal’ Brexit.


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