Green Party candidate for the EP elections 2019 in London

Hello! I’m Remco van der Stoep and I am a Green Party candidate in the 2019 European Parliament elections for London constituency.

I’m proud and delighted to be #6 on the list of the Green Party in London. On the Green Party list, I am one of a diverse group of excellent progressive politicians, ready to make big Green waves in Brussels and Strasbourg and to secure a European future for the United Kingdom. Inside an improving EU that puts climate change and human rights before corporate profits.

Standing in these elections is special to me, I relish the opportunity to actively participate in a UK election as a non-British EU citizen to make the most of our shared citizenship and to express confidence in a strong European Union that includes the UK.

If you can, please support our campaign by donating to our crowdfunder. The Green Party receives no funding from corporations or trade unions; it depends on the generosity of (extra)ordinary people.

Green Party EP candidates posing in front of Europe House in London

Here’s a bit about me:

  • Has been involved with European politics and campaigning for 15 years
  • Has been an active member of the Greens in London since 2008
  • Coordinated the 2016 Greens for a Better Europe campaign for the London region
  • Participated in and campaigned with the European Green Party for more than a decade
  • Chaired the national Europe Working Group of the Dutch Greens before moving to London
  • Campaigned against Brexit and for a People’s Vote
  • Is connected with Green politicians and activists across Europe
  • Has been working for a progressive political organisation for the past two years
  • Is an active member of cross-party organisations such as Another Europe is Possible
  • Has lived and worked in four EU countries and speaks four languages.

Want to find out more? Do get in touch via or connect on Twitter: @RemcoStoep.

This spring, Londoners will reward the Green Party for its principled campaigning for a better EU and for the beautiful thing that is freedom of movement. It’s only right that the top Green candidates are truly committed Europeans.

On Monday 25 March, I spoke about Green politics, Brexit, and being a candidate on Dutch national radio. A link is here – please note the interview is in Dutch.

2 responses to “Green Party candidate for the EP elections 2019 in London

  1. Mooie woordspeling 🙂

  2. Yolande Ossen

    Inderdaad, ik zie de woordspeling nu.

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